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We offer a wide range of full - scope architectural, interior design and environmental services that can be customized to meet your needs. Our teams work directly with your team to come to the best solutions for your home, business and commercials needs. 

Architectural Designs

  • ​​Renovation and  preservation  projects are done with care and concern for architectural and structural integrity as well as beauty and functionality.

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  • ​Each and every one of our construction projects is carefully and professionally designed and managed by our professional teams.​
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As the founder of BCMS (Building & Construction Management Services) Group of Companies I am pleased to welcome you.

BCMS was established in year 1992 in England and 2005 in Greece as a general building and construction company. since then as it is now; its prime objective is to provide much needed expertise in the building and construction industry. through our extensive constructing ventures we have developed our customer business philosophy " excellence through evolution" . This is our service key in the company. The owner, management and staff aim at pleasing you, our clients with what you want and need.

 As a new company in Papua New Guinea we have the potential to grow through our experience. we have been engaged in many successful projects in commercial, industrial and residential sectors. And we provide the best quality services and products.

 BCMS Group of Companies helps client's design & build, logistics, consultancy, structural engineering, mechanical, electrical and turns problems into key solutions through networks locally and internationally.

 With Consideration of growing, our company's revenue will exceed with the demand of the mentioned services and with the growth in the construction industry, we are fully equipped to face the challenges comprehensively and at the same time attend to other related services to satisfy our clients.

 In addition, BCMS Group of Companies will lead this industry as the service contractor in building and construction and with commitment to health, safety and environment.

 We will continue to invest in qualified management operations team for project delivery and with the help of our workforce we will successfully complete all our projects on time, budget and above all to the highest quality standards. We are continuing to train our employees to industry's best practice to operate fully with the industry's highest standards.

 We are proud, committed and BCMS Group of Companies will continue to enhance our capabilities to grow with hard work, dedication and qualified teams having highly professional background, experience, vision and innovation skills

Theodosios Monogenis, Managing Director

Our History

Our groundbreaking and breathtaking designs can be found in homes and officers around the world. When we design, we take our design cue from nature herself. The highest compliment we can receive is having our structures, whether private residences or office complexes, be in harmony with their surroundings.

  • ​From concept to completion, every step of a project is handled by our team of engineers, architects, construction and interior designers.​

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Unit 15 Kitty Hawk Street, 6 Mile P.O Box 1685, Waterfront, NCD, Papua New Guinea

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